Police officer attacked a woman from Moscow who refused to let him in her apartment, saying «I’m the authority here»


04 November 2021

Police officer Aleksandr Burdenyuk came to the apartment where a person bound to military service is registered, but at the present time it is inhabited by a family with two kids. After the woman who was living in the apartment, asked him to show the documents, he applied violence.

On 30 October, police lieutenant of the Alekseyevsky District Police Department Aleksandr Burdenyuk wanted to perform a visual examination of the apartment searching for Dmitry, bound to military service. However, there was Diana Maltseva with two kids who told him that Dmitry was not living in the apartment. Maltseva asked him to show a document based on which he planned to conduct a visual examination. Instead, the police officer twisted Maltseva’s hands and came inside the apartment.

Then Maltseva asked him to show an ID, and Burdenyuk produced a document and hit the woman’s right cheek with it, saying, according to Malseva, “I’m the authority here!”, “If you’re looking for trouble you’ll get it!” A one-year old daughter of Maltseva became a witness to the police officer’s actions and she started to cry.

Despite the crying baby, Burdenyuk started to examine the apartment. He examined one room, then he seized the passport of the Maltseva’s second child, a 18-year old son. The police officer intended to bring him to the police department. After about an hour, according to Maltseva’s estimation, her husband came home, after that Burdenyuk returned the passport to Maltseva’s son and left the apartment.

Diana Maltseva applied to the first aid station, where she was diagnosed with a contusion of the soft tissues of the cheek area, contusion of the left wrist joint and bruises of the right hand. Lawyer with the Committee Against Torture Adam Torosyan is preparing statements to the Department of Internal Security of the Ministry of the Interior and to the Investigative Committee.

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