Police officers who watched their colleague beat a teenager during an anti-drug raid will pay a fine of 50 000 rubles


02 October 2023


Today, the Khoroshevskiy Court of Moscow found three patrol police officers guilty of excess of authority (Part 1 of Article 285 of the Criminal Code), as they did not stop their colleague who was beating the minor Artyom Bulokhov.

Each policeman was sentenced to a fine of 50 000 rubles and was banned from serving in law enforcement agencies for three years. At the same time, the prosecutor’s office asked for a suspended sentence, and Artyom Bulokhov’s representative from the Crew Against Torture asked the court to put the perpetrators to prison. The CAT’s lawyers will challenge today’s judgment.

In October 2021, Artyom Bulokhov was walking with a friend in Stroginskiy Park when four police officers, two of whom were in civilian clothes, demanded that the young men must stop. According to Artyom, he got scared and ran, but a policeman named Aleksey Tkachuk caught up with him, knocked him to the ground and hit him several times. Only later the young people were shown the police badges and informed that an anti-drug raid was being carried out. Actually, the policemen did not find any drugs, but, according to Mr. Bulokhov, they demanded money, threatening to plant mephedrone. Nevertheless, both youngsters were later released. The next morning, the doctors of the trauma center diagnosed Mr. Bulokhov with bruises on his face, a broken nasal bone and a concussion.

Tkachuk’s colleagues were present at the crime scene, but did not stop the perpetrator. None of the defendants admitted their guilt. Mr. Kalikov claimed that he tried to pull Tkachuk away, which, by the way, was not confirmed by the latter’s testimony. Mr. Manyk and Mr. Manuilov told the court that “nothing special happened,” so they did not report the incident to their superiors.

In October 2022, Aleksey Tkachuk, a former patrol officer of the police department for the Strogino district, was sentenced to three years in prison in this case. He was found guilty of exceeding his authority with the use of violence (para. “a” of Part 3 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code).

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