Policemen from Balakhna who tortured their detainee are taken to court again


19 November 2007

 Today Balakhna city court continued consideration on the merits of the criminal case on police abuse. We would like to remind you that on July 10, 2007 Balakhna city court of Nizhny Novgorod region chaired by judge Bushmina issued a resolution to stop the proceedings against two officers of the criminal investigation department of Balakhna police office on the grounds of reconciliation with the victim. The Prosecutor’s office of Balakhna submitted a cassation appeal against this resolution which was accepted in corpore, and the case was taken to Balakhna court.

One of the victims is Mr. Alyasyev upon whose application the Committee against Torture conducted a public investigation and whom it now renders legal assistance. Mr. Alyasyev was beaten by the police and got numerous injuries- simple fracture of the IV rib on the left, multiple bruises and contusions on the face, right arm and chest.

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