Pronouncement of judgment to former head of the Orenburg Penal Colony-Settlement is rescheduled for 4 May


29 April 2016

Pronouncement of judgment to former head of Penal Colony-Settlement No. 11 for the Orenburg region Filyus Khusainov, who is charged with crime under item «а» part 3 Article 286 of the Criminal Code of the RF «Abuse of office performed using violence or threatening with violence», is rescheduled for 4 May (start at 14.00). This was reported by member of the Committee for Prevention of Torture Vyacheslav Dyundin, representing the interests of victim Sergey Nikanorov in court.

(Photo: Filyus Khousainov, source: http://тюрьма

As we have previously reported, according to Sergey Nikonorov, who had served a sentence in Penal Colony No.11 before, head of this penal institution Filyus Khusainov used threats and creating unbearable conditions to force him and other convicts to perform construction works at his summer cottage (we wrote about this case).

In the proceedings, evaluating the results of the investigation, the state prosecutor said that the defendant’s guilt is completely proven and asked the court to sentence him to 5 years prison term in the standard regime penal colony. In addition, the prosecutor thought it necessary to apply additional punishment: deprivation of the rank of Major and of the right to hold public office within three years.

In his turn, defendant Khusainov admitted his guilt, but only partially, denying his guilt in the part of using a fire-arm for the purpose of the victim Nikanorov intimidation.

(Sergey Nikonorov and Vyacheslav Dyundin)

«However, the prosecutor insisted that Khusainov using fire-arm during committing the crime is proven by the cumulative evidence. In particular, the victim precisely described the appearance of the gun before the traumatic weapon was seized in the course of the search in the Khusainov’s apartment. In addition, witness S., who was refurbishing the internal premises of a country house, stated that he heard a loud bang during Khusainov’s visit to the construction site. A dent on the stainless steel sheet of the fencing, which, according to the expert examination, could be made by the bullet fired from a traumatic gun, completes the picture», – member of the Committee for Prevention of Torture Vyacheslav Dyundin, representing the interests of victim Sergey Nikanorov in court, reports.

Victim Sergey Nikanorov, at the present time residing in the Moscow region, voiced his opinion in the proceedings via his representative. Agreeing with the prosecutor, he stated that leniency towards the defendant was not possible and asked to impose a punishment with maximum possible prison term.

However, the pronouncement of judgment which was planned for today did not take place.  «An assistant to judge Rodygina from the Novotroitskiy court called. Pronouncement of judgement to head of Penal Colony Khusainov is rescheduled for 4 May, 14.00», – Dyundin reported in fis blog.

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