Public Commission on Chechnya demands security for the relative of a kidnapped student


15 December 2009

In November 2009 a Public Commission on Chechnya was created by number of Russian NGOs.

In order to receive authentic and reliable information about human rights violations in Chechen republic the commission has established a joint mobile group consisted of members of several Russian NGOs working on the territory of the republic.  

 On December 6, 2009 lawyers of the joint mobile group have received an application from Mr. Ibragimov Adnan Abdullaevich, who complained about kidnapping of his nephew Ibragimov Said-Salekh Abdulganievich (male, 19), second year student of Grozny Sate Oil Institute.   
During the preliminary investigation the joint mobile group managed to find out that Adnan Ibragimov was arrested on October 21, 2009 near his house in Goity village (15 km from Grozny) after the anti-terrorist operation, fulfilled by officers of non-departmental security service of Checheh Ministry of internal (so-called “oil regiment”).

Due to the applicant’s words, the operation was fulfilled under command of Sherip Delimkhanov – brother of State Duma delegate Adam Delimkhanov.

After arrest, on October 21, 2009 at about midnight when Adnan Ibragimov  applicant saw his nephew Said-Salekh Ibragimov  in the cabinet of Sherip Delimkhanov on the territory of the “”oil regiment” on Mayakovsky street, Grozny. Due to the applicant’s words, Said-Salekh was severely beaten and seriously depressed. The applicants also mentioned that the officers presented at the Delimkhanov’s cabinet have expressed the will to murder Said-Salekh clearly as a revenge for the death of their colleague killed during the mentioned anti-terrorist operation. Adnan Ibragimov stated that it was the last time when he saw his nephew alive.    

On November 1, 2009 Adnan Inbragimov together with Said-Salekh’s mother Raisa Turlueva have informed investigator of Achkhoi-Martan Investigational Committee under Office of public prosecutor of Chechen republic Arbi Abdulkhajiev about kidnapping of Said-Salekh and about the circumstances of their last meeting orally. The applicant mentioned that that investigator  hasn’t written the information about circumstances of his nephew disappearance into the documents intentionally, justifying it by security means for the applicant (the investigator said that Adnan “will regret about his statement” and that in this case he will have to send a request to the oil regiment where its officers will make Adnan give the statement they need after all). 

Real circumstances of Said-Salekh disappearance were fixed in the applicant’s statement only several days later.

In violation of Articles 140, 141, 144, 145, 146 of Criminal Procedure Code  the investigational authorities didn’t open a criminal case on the basis of the applicant’s complain dated November 1, 2009 and haven’t found out the centre of location  of Said-Salekh until now.

During the preliminary investigation the investigator Abdulkhajiev have severely violated Criminal Procedure Code, number of Orders of Prosecutor General and Head of Investigational Committee intentionally. The violations appeared in violation of time limits for the preliminary investigation, lack of notification of the applicants, intentional corruption of the statements. Event when the applicants was present the investigator refused to examine and deliver decision on his appeals and to provide the applicants with the copy of the procedural decision delivered on the results of the preliminary investigation. 

Such activities and lack of necessary actions are obviously aimed at intentional protracting and sabotage of the investigation and have led to total ineffectiveness of  the official investigation of Ibragimov’s application. This situation is caused by the personalities of people involved in the case since they are relatives of the high ranking officials at Chechen government.

Thus, we can assume that the authorities of Achkhoi-Martan Investigational Committee under Office of Public prosecutor are unable to fulfill effective investigation on the case and guarantee the victims’ rights.

Lack of activities from the side of law enforcement bodies and violations committee by the authorities have forced Adnan Ibragimov to file a complaint to Public Commission on Chechnya and ask for protection and legal assistance.

After careful analysis of the information received from the applicant and taking into consideration the present situation in Chechen republic the organizations forming the Public Commission on Chechnya  recognize the application of Mr. Ibragimov as grounded and the danger for himself and his relatives as real threat.  

In accordance to the state above, we ask you to:

1) initiate a criminal case concerning the fact of disappearance of Said-Salekh Ibragimov;

2) use all available powers I order to guarantee security for the applicants, his relatives and his property;

3) fulfill the investigation of the activities of authorities of Achkhoi-Martan Investigational Committee under Office of public prosecutor of Chechen republic, find out the perpetrators and reasons for non-fulfillment of their obligations.

We kindly ask you to inform the Public Commission on Chechnya about the measures undertaken  and about violation and their reasons.  Address of the Commission is 109028 Moscow, Khokhlovskiy per., 16/1 Public Verdict Foundation.

The Public Commission on Chechnya will make the your reaction public and disseminate it in mass media as soon as receives it.  

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