Report for 2018


20 March 2019

Dear readers.

Here is the report on main results of the activity of the interregional non-governmental organization “The Committee Against Torture” for 2018.  
Thanks to our members, the following work was conducted for the reporting period:  

– check on 147 applications of citizens was performed with regard to tortures and brutal treatment applied to them;   

– 15 criminal cases were initiated for crimes related to human rights violations;  

–5 criminal cases, related to human rights violations, were submitted to court;   

–  4 law-enforcement officers were convicted for crimes related to human rights violations;

– over five and a half million rubles of compensations to victims of illegal actions of state representatives was awarded;

– 14 complaints were submitted to the European Court of Human Rights;  

– 46 rulings of the Investigative Committee were declared illegal and quashed;

– 125 torture victims and their relatives underwent medical rehabilitation for total sum of about two million rubles.  

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