Resident of Sochi told that the police officers were torturing him with electrical shocker to force him to provide information on the whereabouts of a crypto businessman


14 February 2022

Citizen of Sochi Evgeny Bondar applied to the Committee Against Torture with a complaint against the battery and tortures with electrical shocker in the department of the economic security and anti-corruption enforcement of the local Department of the Interior. According to him, the police officers wanted to know the whereabouts of an acquaintance of his, crypto businessman Vladimir Moshkin. According to Evgeny, in the night on the 20th of January 2022 he was going on the train from Adler to Rostov-on Don, when two police officers, without introducing themselves or explaining the reasons, pulled him out of the wagon. In the building of the railroad station they seized two mobile phones from Bondar and then took him to the building of the Department of the Interior. There, the same police officers were beating Evgeny’s head and legs, and hit his head against the wall. As Evgeny recalls, the operative officers were using these methods to get access to the information on his mobile phones.

Then, according to Evgeny, the police officers delivered him to the office of Kangen company in Adler, where the search was performed. After the serach, he was once again taken to the Department of the Interior and questioned another several hours. When Evgeny once again refused to provide passwords for the phones, the three men wearing balaclavas and badgeless field uniform entered the room and started to beat Evgeny with an electrical shocker in the area of legs, genitals, buttocks and anal sphincter. Having yelded to torture, Bondar provided the police officers with passwords and agreed to sign the documents they required.

Bondar was delivered to the Department of the Interior of Sochi, again. In the investigator’s room, as far as he understood, he signed a report on his interrogation in the capacity of a witness in the fraud case. Evgeny recalled that in the first place, the police officers and the investigator were interested how to obtain access to the businessman’s bitcoin digital wallet. After the investigator’s interrogation, Bondar was released.

Next day, on 21 January, Evgeny applied to the Adler Medical Center “Daniel”. He was diagnosed with a contusion of a rib cage, scratches on the chest, legs and genitals, contusion of the elbow joint and the genitals. Subsequently, the Saint-Petersburgh medical forensic bureau registered him with scratches on the face, neck, legs, buttocks and genitals.

The results of the public investigation show that Evgeny did not complain of health before the apprehension… However, the colleagues of Bondar said that during the searches he was depressed and asked to call an ambulance. Moreover, he spent about 27 hours at the police department without being officially detained, — the Committee’s lawyer Sergey Romanov commented. — We will be insisting on initiating a criminal case based on the fact of applying physical violence and special equipment against Evgeny, because only in the framework of the full-fledged investigation it is possible to establish all the circumstances of the incident.

The Committee’s lawyers submitted a crime report to the Investigative Department for the Central District of Sochi of the Investigative Committee for the Krasnodar Territory.

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