Sabotage of the Orenburg Prosecutor’s Office is stopped by the court


12 February 2008

Today we got to know that having considered the complaints lodged by lawyers of the Committee against Torture, the Orsk city court ruled that officials from the local investigation committee had violated human rights on a regular basis.

The court satisfied some of the complaints and, as a result, one investigator was fired, one of the prosecutor’s assistants was deprived of bonuses, four people were made answerable on the ground of disciplinary liability by the Orsk city investigation department under the prosecutor’s office.  

You may remember that hearings on the applications submitted by the Orenburg office of the Committee against Torture revealed numerous human rights violations committed by the Prosecutor’s office staff to which the Investigation Committee pertains. In particular, the officials do not comply with the record-keeping order approved by the Prosecutor General of the RF. Applicants are often not notified of judgments obtained on their cases.

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