«She slipped and fell on her own.» The Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs found no violations in the actions of the policeman, though a resident of Moscow claimed that he knocked out her teeth and refused to call an ambulance


03 November 2023


A year ago, Inna Olenich ended up in the police station of the Losinoostrovskiy district of Moscow after a quarrel with a security guard near her house. At the station, the policeman started to search Inna’s bag, and that incident was caught on the surveillance camera. In particular, the record shows that Ms. Olenich tries to retain the bag, and, in response, the policeman pushes her away, throws her face down on the floor, twists her hands behind her back and handcuffs her. When he lifts the girl, a pool of blood remains on the floor, Inna’s face is also covered in blood.

«I ran the fingers along my left cheek, collected some blood and saw my teeth in the hand. There was blood on the floor and on my clothes,» Ms. Olenich recalls.

After the incident, Inna, with the aid of the human rights defenders, contacted the Investigative Committee and the Moscow police department. In his explanations given to the investigator, the policeman did not deny that he had used force on Ms. Olenich, however, according to his statement, she slipped and fell on her own; he did not see any broken teeth at all. In the refusal to open a criminal case, the investigator concluded that the officer properly acted himself and «offered medical assistance to Ms. Olenich, which she refused.»

However, the CCTV video from the police station shows a different course of events. One can hear how that officer responds to Inna’s request to call an ambulance with a rude refusal – «Go f*** yourself.» The Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted an internal inquiry into the fact of obscene language used by the officer. It is known that its results revealed violations of discipline committed by the employees of the police station, but the lawyers, who represent the victim’s interests, were not allowed to see the full text of the inquiry’s conclusions. It later turned out that the policeman did not receive any disciplinary penalty, since the statute of limitations had passed from the day of the misconduct.

Inna Olenich still cannot come to her senses after what had happened. The psychiatrist, whom the girl contacted, diagnosed her with PTSD and prescribed a course of medications.

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