Six policemen from Nizhny Novgorod are suspected of illegal use of physical force on two citizens


21 January 2013

It is reported on the Web site of the investigative department of the Investigative Committee RF in Nizhegorodskaya region.

Specifically it is published that: “According to the investigation on the 3rd of March 2012 six police officers illegally used physical force on two citizens in order to make them confess in allegedly committed crimes having to do with carjacking. On January16, 2013 the investigating authorities accused the chief officer of PD № 1 MIA RF of Nizhny Novgorod of this crime. He is charged with striking the victim in the office of the Police Department.  Taking into custody was selected as a measure of restraint for the accused on 18 of January 2013.  He repudiated the imputation and refused to give evidence in compliance with the regulations of article 51 of the Constitution of Russian Federation.

Currently the investigating authorities are collecting evidence to bring charges against all the suspects. The investigation is in progress.”

It is recalled that  in April 2012 Nizami Gasanov and Elshan Zamanov appealed for help to Nizhegorodsky department of the Committee against torture – they claimed to be tortured by policemen.

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