Specialists established the fact of applying electric current to Murad Ragimov's father


09 January 2017

The specialists of Independent nonprofit organization “Center for forensic examinations” developed a conclusion based on the results of complex examination of Firuddin Ragimov from Moscow, who applied for legal support to the Committee for the Prevention of Torture in September of last year with regard to the battery and applying tortures against him and his son Murad Ragimov. Specialists found the traces of metallization indicating the material of the conductor, and indications typical for electric markings which could have been developed after the electrical device impact. Ragimov was also diagnosed with closed craniocerebral injury, brain concussion, numerous abrasions, bruises and a hematoma in parietotemporal area.

(Photo: Firuddin Ragimov)

As we have previously reported, Gyunay Ragimova from Moscow applied to the Committee for the Prevention of Torture for legal assistance. She told the human rights defenders that on August 30, 2016 the officers of Moscow Special Rapid Response Detachment (SOBR) broke into the apartment where she lives with her family, and beat up her brother, a student of the Medical University named after Pirogov, and her father Firuddin. According to Gyunay, law-enforcement officers demanded that both men confessed of possession of drugs and arms, and Murad was accused of links with terrorists.

Later Firuddin himself applied to human rights defenders, claiming that the SOBR officers were beating him up with arms and feet, repeatedly used electric shocking device. At the same time only one of the police officers was performing the battery. His colleagues were watching him, sometimes backing him away, when he, according to their opinion, was going too far. As Firuddin recalls, they were forcing him to confess where he hid the weapons and drugs. 

Ragimov the elder recalls that during the battery the police officers left the kitchen door opened and he saw his son tortured. Firuddin thinks that it could have been done on purpose so that he suffered more, having no possibility to save his son.
Now Murad Ragimov is in Pre-Trial Detention Facility, as charged with a crime under part 2 Article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal purchase, storage, transportation, processing of drugs on a large scale without intent of selling). Law-enforcement agencies passed no charges against his father.  

In December 2016 human rights defenders arranged a complex medical examination for Firuddin Ragimov, which was conducted by the specialists of Independent nonprofit organization “Center for forensic examinations”.

“The specialists definitely confirmed the fact of applying electric current and presence of injuries on Firuddin Ragimov. This conclusion, together with other evidence of battery and applying tortures that we gathered, was presented at personal appointment of Head of the Chief Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Moscow Aleksandr Drymanov, – lawyer of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture Anastasia Garina says. – Having listened to Firuddin and studied the specialists’ conclusion,  Mr.Drymanov promised to personally monitor the case progress, as well as ordered to transfer the materials from the Tushinsky Investigative Department to the Investigative Directorate for the North-Western District of Moscow. Aleksandr Drymanov also ordered his subordinates to conduct all the activities necessary for taking a justified and grounded decision by January 20 of this year”.

“We hope that now the investigation of brutal battery of my father and brother gets under way and the criminal case is opened, at last, – Gyunay Ragimova comments. – It surely hard to believe that no-one is punished for this lawlessness!”.

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