«Spoiled a celebration»: for several hours, the police officers were beating up an apprehended for an anti-war poster at «The Immortal Regiment» event  


04 July 2022

Photo: Artemiy Bobrov (by Avtozak LIVE)


Lawyers with the Moscow branch of the Crew Against Torture submitted an application to the Investigative Committee on behalf of Artemiy Bobrov. He told human rights defenders that he was beaten up by the police officers who also threatened to plant drugs on him.  

On 9 May, the police officers apprehended junior research associate Artemiy Bobrov during the Immortal Regiment event in the Tverskaya street of Moscow. It happened after he unfolded poster “Stop the war with Ukraine”. Artemiy was brought down on the ground, the poster was pulled out of his hands and then he was taken beyond the fencing to another street. There he was laid on the ground and handcuffed. After that, according to Bobrov, several police officers were kicking him in the stomach when he refused to talk to them, demanded that they introduced themselves and explained the cause of the apprehension. One of them called Bobrov a “scum” and told him that he “spoilt the celebration”. Then, Bobrov was taken deeper into the yard. The police officers put him with his head against the fence to conduct a search and demanded a password for the phone.   

There, according to Artemiy, three police officers in civilian clothes were questioning him on his involvement to “Vesna” (recognized as an extremist organization in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation) movement and threatened with criminal responsibility for storage of drugs. According to Bobrov, in the yard the police officers put some granular substance in a small plastic pack, but later on he could not find anything. Next one and a half hours he spent lying on the pavement until the service vehicle arrived.   

Inside the car, the police officer who was sitting near Bobrov, asked him to unblock his phone and would hit him in the face every time he refused to do so – about twenty times in total. Acording to Bobrov, in the Tverskoy District of the Interior where he was delivered at about seven in the evening for drawing up a protocol,    half colonel Khalilov hit his head against the floor, then put him in the stretching position and every ten minutes he would hit his left leg so that his legs were spread wider than shoulders. After he refused from photographing and fingerprinting, Artemiy was beaten up once again and put in the stretching position up to 3-4 a.m. He spent a night and the following day at the District of the Interior. Next day after the battery, Bobrov complained of feeling bad, ambulance was called, doctors examined him and gave him a pill. 

Three ptorocols were drawn up in regard to Bobrov: under Article 20.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the RF – for involvement in a picket, article 19.3 of the same Code – for failure to obey the lawful demands of the police officers during apprehension and under the article on discrediting the Russian Army – Article 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the RF. On 11 May, the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow imposed two fines for Bobrov: for involvement in the picket and discrediting (15 and 50 thousand roubles, accordingly), as well as ten days of arrest for failure to obey the lawful demands of police officers. After the court he was taken to the District of the Interior where during the night he complained of feeling bad. He was sent to the injury care center, however, the traumatologist performed his examination without x-ray. On the next day, Bobrov was taken to the detention room in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, where ambulance was called for him at the initiative of a woman-officer, and during the day the detention center officers were examining him. He was released on 19 May and applied to a health clinic where the doctors diagnosed him with intracranial trauma, neuropathy of radial nerve and send him for hospitalization. Artemiy Bobrov spent a day in a hospital.

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