The action to help driver Bashir Pliyev


16 November 2020

Bashir Pliyev was behind the wheel of the mini-van with journalists and human rights defenders who were travelling from Ingushetia to Grozny. In the evening, at the very border with Chechnya, their bus was attacked by a group of unidentified persons in medical masks, they smashed all the windows, beat up the passengers with wooden clubs and burnt the bus down. The attackers demanded that the journalists and human rights defenders stop their work and get out of Chechnya.

Driver Bashir Pliyev got severe fractures and lost his vehicle with the help of which he had been earning his living. He still owns a credit for the car. Photo: Denis Sinyakov / Mediazona

The attackers demanded that Bashir opened the doors but he did not do it, thus, possibly, he saved part of the passengers. Bashir got the most severe injuries – brain concussion, fractures of arm, foot and ribs. He still remains at hospital.

The vehicle which was destroyed was the only source of income for Bashar Pliyev. He has three kids, and is disabled so he can’t find any other job. He has not yet paid off the credit for the car.

We, the journalists’ trade union and the initiative group, intend to gather money to buy a new car for Bashir. 1.5 million rubles will be needed for that. The money will be spend on buying a new mini-van for and support of the family of Bashir Pliyev, who still remains at hospital and so far cannot provide for his family.

That is why we are asking for you help. Support Bashir Pliyev! Let’s buy him a new bus!

The gathered funds will be transferred to the account of Sergey Smirnov – Mediazona Editor-in-Chief and one of the initiators of establishing the journalists’ trade union. After the funds are gathered they will be handed over to Bashir and his family. All the financial reporting on gathering and transferring the funds will be published.


In the nearest future additional methods to transfer funds will be set up for all who wants to help Bashir Pliyev.

You can learn in more detail about what happened on 9 March at the administrative border of Ingushetia and Chechnya by reading the report of Mediazona correspondent Egor Skovoroda –

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