The Avtozavod youngster mutilated by the police has identified his tormentors


05 June 2009

Photo: Stanislav Lebedev well remembers his stay at the police station.   

   Yesterday Stanislav Lebedev from Nizhny Novgorod who had been brutally battered by the Avtozavod police identified the staff that had tortured him. The identity parade was conducted in the framework of the criminal investigation on the allegations of police abuse Mr. Lebedev had been subject to at night on 8 March 2009. When Stanislav was taken to hospital after the battery, doctors had to remove his left kidney.

During the investigation action the young man quite easily identified two policemen who had made him disabled.

It should be mentioned that after Stanislav Lebedev applied to the Interregional Committee against Torture, the Investigation Committee under the Avtozavod district Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal case under articles 111 and 286 of the RF Criminal Code (intentional infliction of grave bodily injuries and abuse of office). Before Mr. Lebedev applied to the CAT the investigation authorities refused to start criminal proceedings for a month and a half.

The criminal investigation will continue and the officers will be indicted.


Of the Interregional Committee against Torture

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