The Bashkirian representation of the Interregional Committee Against Torture and web-site have conducted a press-conference


02 March 2011

On March 1, 2011 in Ufa there was a press-conference devoted to the facts of police abuse registered in the Republic in 2010. Among the participants there were Maxim Prytkov, press-secretary of INGO “Committee Against Torture”, Anton Fadeyev, public investigation inspector of the Bashkirian representation of INGO “Committee Against Torture”, Alexey Mukhametzakirovson of deceased teacher Albert Mukhametzakirov. Specialists of the Committee Against Torture spoke about the situation with tortures in the local law enforcement bodies, about some results of the representation’s work targeted at elimination of tortures, inhuman and degrading treatment.

Apart from that, during the press-conference mass media representatives could talk to one of CAT’s applicants – a young Bashkirian girl accusing doctors of involuntary termination of her pregnancy – on the phone.

At present the Bashkirian representation is working with this applicant and is preparing a corresponding suit. Besides, it is being decided whether an application should be lodged with the ECtHR.

It must be noted that thanks to the efforts of the Bashkirian representation, in 2010 5 law enforcers were convicted for tortures. Lawyers of the representation also obtained compensations totaling 330 000 rubles.

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