The boy who became disabled after an air strike is sent for treatment to one of the best health resorts in Anapa


19 August 2008

 The treatment was administered to him by famous doctor Kyury Idrisov who cooperates with the Committee against Torture. You should have seen the happy face of 9-year old Mansur when he was boarding the bus in order to go from Grozniy to Anapa.

You may remember that the Chechen representation of the Committee against Torture conducts a public investigation of the RF Air Force bombardment in the village of Elistanzhy. As a result of that missile air strike more than 35 people died, about 60 people got fragment wounds. Among the wounded there was Sheikh-Mansur Artsuyev (1-year old then), that tragic day he lost his left foot. The Committee against Torture sent Sheikh-Mansur to high-qualification doctor Kyury Idrisov for a consultation, Mr. Idrisov cooperates with the Committee against Torture in the context of torture victims’ treatment and rehabilitation.  Mansur Artsuyev and his mother Raisa Artsuyeva who lost two small children because of the air strike will take a rehabilitation course in Anapa.

The treatment will be sponsored by the Committee against Torture, but this does not relieve the state from the obligation to compensate the damage. Lawyers of the Chechen representation will work to obtain a compensation for the Artsuyev’s from the RF Treasury. By now the state has not supported the bombardment victims in any way.

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