The Chechen representation of the Committee against Torture has started investigating into another abduction


26 January 2010

The Chechen representation of INGO “Committee against Torture” has received an application from Irisbay Umarpashayev claiming that his son, Islam Umarpashayev, was abducted on   11 December 2009.

Having conducted a preliminary check, the Representation decided to start a public investigation upon Umarpashayev’s application. According to the applicant, his son Islam was abducted by the Chechen police on 11 December 2009 from his home in Grozny.

Irisbay Umarpashayev has reported that in the morning on 11 December 2009 he was in the house his family rented in Grozny. His sons – Guilani, Islam and Bersan – were with him.
At about 8.30 armed people in camo uniform came to his home. The visitors claimed they were checking identification documents. One of them introduced himself as Ibraguim from the Oktyabrsky Department of Internal Affairs but he did not produce any documents.  Having checked the passports, the police left the house and took Islam with them. When Irisbay asked them why they were taking his son away, the police replied that they were taking him to the Oktyabrsky District Department of Internal Affairs to “clarify some facts” and “in a couple of hours he would come back home”. However, Islam Umarpashayev has not returned home yet. Nothing is known about his fate. The Chechen investigation authorities started a criminal case art. 126 of the RF Criminal Code («abduction»).

The Chechen representation of the Interregional Committee against Torture will do its best to ensure that the official investigation is effective and those in charge of the crime are punished.

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