The check of the involvement of the former Head of the Criminal Investigation of the Solnechnogorsk police in the death of the detained will not be resumed


04 August 2016

The Investigative Committee refused to resume the check of the involvement of the former Head of the Criminal Investigation in the death of the detained. Yesterday, 2 August 2016, lawyers of the Committee for Prevention of Torture received a ruling, in which Deputy Head of the Second Directorate for Major Cases Investigation of the Chief Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the RF for the Moscow region Timur Nikolenko dismissed the complaint. In their complaint the lawyers asked to conduct an additional check of the possible involvement of former Head of Criminal Investigation of the Department of the Ministry of Interior of the RF for the Solnechnogorskiy District Vitaliy Myasoyedov in the death of Farrukh Urozov in the police department in September 2014.

(Vitaliy Myasoyedov, source of the photo:

As we have previously reported, on 26 September a Moscow-area resident Ilkhom Alikhonov applied to the Committee Against Torture for legal support with regard to the death of his brother in the Solnechnogorsk police department. Previously we reported about this case and the verdict which was pronounced for three police officers.

In the framework of the investigation the materials with regards to Head of the Criminal Investigations Department Vitaliy Myasoyedov were severed. According to the results of the check no element of crime was discovered in his actions.

However, soon after the opening of the criminal case Major of Police Vitaliy Myasoyedov was fired based on Order of the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Interior of RF for the Moscow region dated 3 October 2014 «due to repeated violation of service discipline».

At the same time, the Investigative Directorate refused to repeat the check of Myasoyedov’s involvement in Urozov’s death. As a high-ranking officer of the Investigative Committee pointed out in his ruling: «The ruling is declared legal and grounded by the Chief Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Moscow region, as well as checked by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Moscow region where it was also declared legal».

Lawyer of the Committee Sergey Babinets comments on this ruling: «In our complaint we pointed at numerous gaps and faults in the materials of the check. For example, according to the witnesses’ testimony, Myasoyedov several times entered the office room where Urozov was located. Myasoyedov could observe what was going on in the room, he could supervise the actions of his subordinates, he could himself take part in that. The expert examination discovered micro-particles on Urozov’s clothes which in many respects were identical to the material of Myasoyedov’s boots. The investigators never explained how these particles found their way on the clothes of the detained. Besides, while the convicted police officers were beating up the detained throughout the night, Myasoyedov was in the next room till morning and could enter in their office at any moment. After initiating the criminal case Myasoyedov was arrested and taken to the detention facility, out of which he was released soon after. The investigation considered that he was not involved in the committed crime. Undoubtedly, all these facts must be checked and all our remaining questions must be answered appropriately. We do not agree with the refusal of the Investigative Directorate and we shall demand that an additional check is performed. If Myasoyedov is involved in Urozov’s death, he as well as his colleagues must take responsibility for their actions to the fullest extent of the law».

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