The City Court of Bogorodsk will consider the case of the Kabanovs again


29 January 2007

You may remember that on 26 December 2006 the criminal panel of judges of the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court considered the appeals of the Kabanovs, the victims, Mr. Pyatov and Mr. Mikheev, the convicts, and also the appeal of the prosecutor of the criminal case against young men, who had beaten the Kabanovs family.

   The panel reversed the judgement against Mr. Akimov regarding his charge with part 1 article 116 (beatings) of the RF Criminal Code and submitted the case back to the City Court of Bogorodsk for another consideration. As for the rest the judgement was left unchanged and entered its legal force.In September 2005 the Kabanovs, dwellers of village Khvoschevka of Bogorodsk District, Nizhny Novgorod Region, were severely beaten in their own house by Mrs. Pyatov, Mikheev and Akimov, who at that moment were policemen. Moreover, as the victims claim, they raped their mentally deficient daughter Inna Kabanova.

   The Committee against Torture is giving the Kabanovs medical and legal aid, representing them in court.

The Public Verdict Foundation – a partner of the Committee Against Torture – has assisted by providing an advocate to the victims.

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