The City Court of Yoshkar-Ola commences hearings in respect of the policeman from Mari-El charged with assault and battery of two minors


16 January 2007

On 17 January 2007, the City Court of Yoshkar-Ola commences hearings of the criminal case against the policeman from the Central Police Department (UVD) of Yoshkar-Ola who is charged with a number of crimes, as provided by points “a” and “b” of part 3, article 286 of the RF Criminal Code.

     As you may know in December 2004, two young boys – Denis Darovskikh and Andrey Aplekaev – were convoyed to the Police Department. The accused policeman, as the investigation believes, physically injured them. When set free the boys went to a clinic and recorded the injuries.  

     The victims addressed a regional public organization the Man and Law. D. Egorshin, the lawyer, considered the boys’ claims and initiated a public examination and investigation. Experts from “the Man and the Law” managed to turn their work into a criminal case. 

     During the pre-trial investigation the victims were represented by a lawyer who was paid by the Public Verdict Foundation. At present the NN Committee Against Torture is representing their interests.

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