The Committee Against Torture congratulates officials of the Russian Federation Prosecutor’s Office on their professional holiday!


12 January 2007

Prosecution agencies faithfully serve the interests of our Country, and have been safeguarding the law of our Country, people’s rights and freedoms for 285 years already. 

    Today the Prosecutor’s Office of Russia is one of the key elements which form a constitutional state, ensure country’s integrity and realize the high policy of Russia, aimed at many-sided development of society. The work of prosecution officials is hard, very responsible and important for every citizen and public institution in Russia, because the prosecution system exercises control over all areas of political, socio-economic, legislative activities – it is the crucial factor of stable and effective development of Russian society.

    Protection of people’s rights and freedoms which a prosecutor’s office fulfills is the guarantee of triumph of law and justice, and one of the preconditions for creation of a genuinely democratic, civil and open society in our country.

    All the efforts which the Russian Federation Prosecutor’s Office makes are destined to solve the most important problems relevant to development of a modern, civilized, prosperous state.

    Unfortunately, separate prosecution officials are not governed by law and justice in their every day work.  Cases, when they neglect people’s rights and freedoms, alas, are not uncommon. This state of affair tarnishes the reputation of the Prosecutor’s Office, as a body which guards the law, and of the state on the whole.

    We hope that this new year prosecution officials will be more responsible in their work, show greater professionalism and adherence to principles in respect of rights and freedoms of Russian citizens.

    We wish all the official of the Russian Prosecution System good luck in their noble work, professional achievements, health and well-being!

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