The Committee Against Torture has conducted a picket in front of the Orenburg Directorate of the Interior


30 November 2011

Today, employees of the Orenburg office of the Interregional Committee Against Torture have picketed the building of the Orenburg Directorate of the Interior. Thus human rights defenders have protested against escalation of violence in the police. The event has coincided with instigation of criminal proceedings upon the fact of Armenian citizen Armen Sargasyan’s death  in the operative investigation unit of the Orenburg Directorate of the Interior   (10B Gagarina  Prospekt). The picket was authorized by the administration and guarded by a police unit. Orenburg office head Vyacheslav Dyundin points out that this is the first action in front of the Directorate of the Interior building and there have been no obstacles on the side of law enforcement heads.

As you may remember, on November 18, 2011 34-year old Sargasyan was detained by the police and taken to the 2nd operative station.  Already on November 19 at 1 a.m., Armen’s relatives identified his body in the morgue. There were numerous injuries clearly seen on the body. On the top of the head there was a fresh cross-shaped wound measuring 4-5 cm. A similar, but smaller wound was located at the back of the head.  The doctor told the father that Armen had kidney contusions and numerous bruises on the buttocks.

Initially the police reported that the detainee had died of a heart attack. However, later this information was disproved by objective evidence.

CAT lawyers continue supporting victim’s relatives upon their application. The Committee Against Torture hopes that the official investigation into Armen’s death will be thorough and prompt.   

Vyacheslav Dyundin’s interview:

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