The Committee Against Torture has organized rehabilitation for a Bashkirian student whose spine was broken by the police


14 May 2020
Photo: student Dmitry Aparin from Birsk beaten by the police.

Dmitry Aparin whose spine was broken by the police in February 2010 is included into the Rehabilitation Plan of the Interregional Committee against Torture.

   Dmitry spent long time in the Republican Clinical Hospital named after Kuvatov where doctors managed to set him on his legs, however even after release from hospital he needs medication and supporting therapy. Dmitry took a rehabilitation course in a health resort at the expense of the Committee against Torture.  Aparin was sent to one of health resorts in the Krasnokamsk district of Bashkiria specializing in various pathologies, including locomotorium and articulations diseases, and posttraumatic conditions. Dmitry spent 14 days there, starting from April 30, 2010. At present the victim is at home. According to his mother, he feels much better, can stand more steadily, it has become easier for him to move, he can walk longer and he is in a better mood. The Committee Against Torture intends to provide further support to Dmitry and procure the necessary medicine that will be prescribed during rehabilitation.


Of the Interregional Committee against Torture

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