The Committee against Torture has sent a woman from Bashkiria abused by the police for rehabilitation


06 June 2009

Photo: Anna Mikhailova had her arm broken.

   Anna Mikhailova from Oktyabrsky and her daughter took a rehabilitation course in Yuzhnoye Vzmorye, a health resort in the Adlersky district of Sochi. Yuzhnoye Vzmorye is one of the oldest resorts with robust diagnostic and treatment capacities specializing in locomotorium, cardiovascular and neural diseases and other pathologies. Such health resorts are ideal for rehabilitating victims of torture and other forms of cruel treatment.

Ms. Mikhailova was sent for rehabilitation by the Rehabilitation Department of the Interregional Committee against Torture in the framework of the programme providing legal and medical assistance to torture victims. As we reported earlier, on 4 May 2009 Ms. Mikhailova applied to the Bashkirian representation of INGO “Committee against Torture” claiming that on 19 April 2009, at about 21:00 she had been unlawfully detained by the police, forced to get into the police car and taken to a medical detoxification centre. Ms. Mikhailova’s 9 year old daughter was left alone in the street in a district she did not know. On 19 May 2009 the Oktyabrsky district court of the Republic of Bashkortostan sustained Ms. Mikhailova’s claim and found the actions of the police and the Oktyabrsky medical detoxification centre staff unlawful


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