The Committee Against Torture helps the Ministry of the Interior to get rid of criminals and… lunatics


18 January 2007

The Oktyabrsky City Court of Bashkortostan during its first hearing of the criminal case filed against two district police officers of the Oktyabrsky City Police Department (GOVD), namely major A. Sharafutdinov and captain S. Bayguzin, ruled to transfer A.Sharafutdinov, who required psychiatrical aid, from the detention center to a psychiatric clinic. The further trial will be conducted without A. Sharafutdinov’s presence.

    As you might know, the both police officers are charged with power abuse with coercion (art. 286 of the RF Criminal Code) and with unlawful intrusion into habitation (art. 139 of the RF Criminal Code). Moreover, major Sharafutdinov is charged with robbery (art. 158 of the RF Criminal Code). In total, the two officers committed 12 unlawful actions and offended 7 citizens.

     The Committee Against Torture whereto the victims addressed, has given them legal assistance and an advocate to protect their rights.

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