The Committee Against Torture is twenty years old


30 August 2020
Author: Darya Moroz

30 August 2000 is considered to be the day when interregional “Committee Against Torture” was established. The organization’s website says that, in 1998, replying to human rights defenders’ application about the police torture, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Nizhny Novgorod region sent an answer, where, among other things, it claimed that “no facts of applying torture have been established in the territory of the region”.  This became a starting point for creating a committee, and now there are 152 law-enforcement officers who were declared guilty of having committed crimes under Article 115 (intentional inflicting of minor damage to health), Article 286 (abuse of office), Article 302 (enforcement of the duty to testify), Article 330 (arbitrariness) of the Criminal Code of the RF, and etc. 171 more cases are being examined.

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