The Committee Against Torture started public investigation of the death of a young man who publicly claimed of tortures


02 March 2022

The family of deceased electrician Evgeny Ipatov who told about abuse at the Sochi police, applied to the Committee Against Torture.  

Ipatov’s beheaded body was found on the railroad of Adler on 29 September of last year. Later on, “Novaya Gazeta” pusblished a video which friend of the deceased Dmitry Ivannikov handed over to journalists. In the video, Evgeny tells that on 22 September he was detained and severely beaten up at the police department of Makarenko micro district. 

According to Ipatov, he was detained when he arrived for the work call. Evgeny was forced to sit in the car and then he was beaten up all the way to the department. There, he was thrown on the floor and beaten up for half an hour, including by foot in the kidneys area. Evgeny said that the police officers forced him to confess of theft of 60 thousand rubles. He spent the night in the cell, and on the next day, according to him, a report on his defiance of a police officer was developed. Then he was taken to the investigator to the Department of the Interior of Sochi, where his finger prints were taken and he was questioned. Ipatov said that the investigator who introduced himself as Aman, brought him to the private parking lot and asked him how much he was earning. 

After that, the investigator brought Ipatov home, made a photo of his room and said he needed some money. Evgeny gave him 26 thousand roubles, but he collected only 23. After that Aman released Evgeny, saying that he was in the status of a witness. The Adler police also informed “Novaya Gazeta” that Ipatov was in the capacity of a witness.  

According to Ivannikov, after that the operative officers asked Ipatov to come to the department to pick up his belongings. When Evgeny said that he would come the other day, the law-enforcement officers continued to insist that they meet and started to demand to pay the fine. Ivannikov said that he persuaded Evgeny to come to Moscow and tell the journalists about the pressure. After that Dmitry learned about the death of his friend from the Vkontakte social network public page.  

Apart from the injuries, received from the train impact, the posthumous medical forensic examination established that Ipatov had injuries in the groin area. In addition, Ivannikov said that after the release, there were traces of battery on the Evgeny’s body.  

At first, the Investigative Committee refused to open a criminal case on enticing Evgeny to suicide due to “absence of the element of crime”. However, after the video was published, the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s Office for the Krasnodar Territory performed additional check. Based on its results, two criminal cases were initiated – on enticing to suicide and abuse of office. No suspects have been established yet. Ipatov’s mother Lyudmila Zyankina was declared a victim in the case of enticing to suicide, and the lawyers with the Committee Against Torture – her representatives.     

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