The court declared the dismissal of the claim to open a criminal case based on the torture complaint submitted by the person charged with organization of protest in the Angarsk Penal Colony


07 June 2022

Convict Khumayd Khaydaev was convoyed to Irkutsk in April 2020, after the protest in the Angarsk Penal Colony was brutally crushed by the Federal Penitentiary Service officers and special police force. Hundreds of convicts were redistributed to other penal institutions of the Irkutsk region. At the present time, Khaydaev is one of the main defendants in the case of protest action organization. According to Khumayd, he and other convicts were tortured at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility No.1 of Irkutsk to obtain evidence on the instigators of the protest action.   

A check was performed on Khumayd’s application, however, the investigative authorities did not find an element of crime in the actions of the Irkutsk Pre-Trial Detention Facility No.1 where, according to the applicant, he was forced to run the gauntlet during which he was punched, kicked and beaten with truncheons. After that he was beaten up for four days by the penal colony “activists” in some unidentified cell. The doctors diagnosed Khaydayev with fractures of the fingers of the left foot and the right hand, numerous extravasations, bruises and contusions.   

As lawyer with the Committee Against Torture Vladimir Smirnov points out, the investigative authorities did not even attempt to establish in which cell Khumayd was in the first days after he put to the Pre-Trial Detention Facility, and his cell-mates were not questioned, either. There is no data on moving anyone between the cells, and no doctors’ conclusion on Khaydayev’s traumas.  

“One cannot agree to the court ruling. Khaydayev claims that he was beaten up on 10, 11, 12 and 13 April, but the investigators deliberately examine only the period from the 14th. How can one claim in this case that the investigation is performed adequately? If the investigative authorities draw conclusions based on the documents that are not available in the case, who would believe the legality of such a ruling? It is strange, but the court agrees to that. Obviously, we will be appealing against this ruling”, – lawyer with the Committee Against Torture Vladimir Smirnov comments.

According to Khumayd Khaydayev, before he was put to the investigative cell, he was beaten by the special police force officers. This actions did not attract attention of the investigator and were not assessed in the ruling in any way.   

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