The court in Mary El left the guilty verdict to the former DFPS officer unchanged


04 March 2013

On March 1, 2013 the Yoshkar Ola city court in Mary El Republic announced the decision on the appeal complaint of the former DFPS officer Sergey Bakulin about the verdict, finding him guilty in committing a crime provided for by part 1 article 116 CC RF (beating or other compulsive actions that caused physical pain) against the under-age Sasha Kuznetsov. The court decided to left the verdict unchanged.

(The photo shows the Yoshkar Ola city court, the source 

It is recalled, that on July 20, 2012 Sasha Kuznetsov’s mother appealed for legal help to the office of IRPO “Committee against torture” in Mary El Republic. An officer of the Department of Federal Penal Service in Mary El Republic had used force illegally against her 10-year old son Aleksandr Kuznetsov.

The workers of the Committee had carried out a public inquiry on the application of Kuznetsova; its results confirmed the event described by the applicant.

The courts stated that when Sasha Kuznetsov had come to school on March 12, 2012 he had seen his classmate’s father in uniform near the checkroom. There was nobody in the hall as the lesson had already started. Sasha realized, that he come to “have it out” over his conflict with the classmate that had happened several days before. In the talk the officer offended the boy with obscenities. Then he passed from words to deeds – twisted teenager’s ear and then hit him three times against the wall with the back of his head. And that was the end of the “rumble”.

In the evening Sasha told his parents at home what had happened to him, his father took him to the Yoshkar Ola first-aid center right away. A doctor examined the victim there and fixed he had physical injuries. As appears from the act of forensic medical examination Sasha Kuznetsov had: traumatic edema of the soft tissues of the occipital region and bruises on the left ear.  At present he is treated by a psychologist. When they came home they received a call from the police; Sasha and his parents went to the department and gave explanations to the law enforcement officers.

On April 6, 2012 a criminal case against an unidentified person was initiated on the fact of beating a schoolboy on the signs of a crime provided for by part 1 article 116 CC RF.

On November 6, 2012 the Magistrate of the magistracy №7 of Yoshkar Ola on the basis of the criminal proceedings brought in the guilty verdict on the former officer of DFPS of Russia in Mary El Republic Sergey Bakulin for committing a crime provided for by part 1 article 116 CC RF (beating or other compulsive actions that caused physical pain) and inflicted a 20000 rubles fine as a penalty.

“As The Yoshkar Ola city court left the Magistrate’s decision from November 6, 2012 unchanged it will come into force in 10 days after it was inflicted, unless the parties submit cassation appeals to the Supreme court, – the lawyer of the Committee against torture Dmitry Yalikov comments. – When considering the appeal the assistant prosecutor of Yoshkar Ola asked the court to left the verdict unchanged, while the convict, though in court he repented of the crime committed, admitted his guilt just partly and asked to reduce the fine. When the sentence entries into force we are going to bring a moral damage claim against the convict to the court”.

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