The court obliged the police to pay 60 000 rubles to a resident of Kuban, as she was hit by a policeman during a conflict in a parking lot


06 October 2023


The Kurganinskiy district court of the Krasnodar region sided with the CAT’s lawyers and awarded compensation for non-pecuniary damage to 55-year-old Natalya Krisko. The woman was hit by a police officer when she stood up for her son during a conflict in a parking lot.

In June 2020, Natalya, along with her son Igor Sorokotyaga and his family, arrived in the village of Temirgoevskaya (Krasnodar region). As Igor claims, he and his 4-year-old son saw a parked car that had driven onto the sidewalk. A man in civilian clothes was sitting in that car, and Igor reprimanded him for improper parking. That man came out and showed his police ID. A conversation in a «raised tone» began; the policeman grabbed Igor by the neck and dragged him to the car. The incident happened in front of the boy, who was scared and cried.

Natalya saw this and ran up to them, intervening in the situation to protect her grandson and son. The officer (it was Andrey Saborov) began to push her aside, then, as the woman recalls, he pushed her in the back, and kicked Igor in the knee, causing him to fall. Next, the policeman grabbed Natalya by the arms and dragged her to the railing of the bank building. According to Natalya, the man pushed her and she hit the back of her head. The incident was partially captured on surveillance camera footage and also attracted a large number of witnesses. At this time, the second policeman, Roland Donoyan, did not intervene and simply stood nearby.

After the incident, Natalya Krisko felt bad. The ambulance team that arrived at the scene diagnosed the woman with an acute stress reaction and also recorded bruises on her legs and arms.

The policemen were not criminally prosecuted, but Andrey Saborov still received a disciplinary sanction for using physical force against citizens, and his colleague, Roland Donoyan, received a fine for improper parking.

The commentary by the lawyers of the Crew Against Torture: «The situation affected Natalya’s emotional state. She started to feel anxious, her sleep was disturbed, and her appetite worsened. Only thanks to the specialists’ aid and the right course of treatment, Mrs. Krisko was able to cope with her condition

The non-pecuniary damage caused by the actions of the police became the basis of the civil claim lodged before the court. The defendant was the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the court invited the now former policeman Andrey Soborov as a third party, but he, actually, did not appear at any of the court’s hearings.

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