The court refused to release on parole a police officer convicted for torture


23 September 2022


The court quashed the ruling of the Tagilstroyevskiy District Court of Nizhny Tagil which previously satisfied the motion on release on parole of former police officer Sergey Pavlov who was convicted for electrical shocker tortures of two brothers from the Orenburg region.   

In July of this year, the Tagilstroyevskiy District Court satisfied a motion on release on parole submitted by Sergey Pavlov, former district officer with the Ministry of the Interior of Russia for the Saraktashskiy District who was guilty of tortures. In 2021, he was convicted to 3.5 years of standard security penal colony. According to the ruling of the court of the first instance, «Pavlov complies with the requirements: keeps his clothes and bed-side table clean, looks orderly and clean himself, conforms with the daily routine, fire safety requirements, keeps his couch and workplace clean and tidy, wears clothes of the standard pattern and with lapel and sleeve badges. Has been awarded with a certificate of honour for active participation in sports activities».   

The CAT lawyers did not agree to this ruling:  

«District officer Sergey Pavlov is noted for good conduct at work, in the family, and at the place of residence; he actively participated in sports events. However, it did not prevent him from an office crime with the use of violence», – head of the Orenburg branch of the Crew Against Torture comments.«Due to that, only repentance of the crime, offering apologies and compensation for the inflicted damage to the victims may serve as evidence that the person mended his ways, all the more so since the criminal law directly establishes the duty of the court to provide the convict’s evaluation of the committed act, something that the court of the first instance did not do. It is worth noting that the former district officer had a rather long pause before resolving of the appellate appeals, during which he could have offered apologies, however, Sergey Pavlov decided that it was not necessary»

The Prosecutor’s Office supported the conclusions of the appellate appeal, having indicated that, during Pavlov’s motion satisfying, the principle of social justice and convict’s mending will not be achieved. The Sverdlovsk Regional Court, having listened the arguments of the parties, passed a ruling on satisfying the appellate appeal.

As we have previously noted, in June last year, the Saraktashsky Court convicted two police officers from the Cherny Otrog and applied punishment in the form of real jail time.  Sergey Pavlov was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months, and Rinat Arslambayev – to 2 years. The court declared both of them guilty of electricity torture of two persons suspected of theft of money – brothers Roman Chikviladze and Valiko Baygulov, to obtain confessions from them. It is established that in August 2019, Pavlov electrocuted the victims in the groin area, and Arslambayev was holding a chair which Chikviladze was tied to.

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