The Dzerzhinsk police battered an underage nephew of famous painter Vladimir Polyashov


09 July 2008

Photo: Anton Trebukhov

   Yesterday the Interregional Committee against Torture received an application of Ms. Galina Trebukhova from Dzerezhinsk (Nizhny Novgorod region). In her application she asks the Committee to render her legal aid and conduct a public investigation of violent treatment of her son by the police.
The preliminary check showed that underage Anton Tebukhov from Dzerzhinsk was taking his acquaintance home after celebrating the day of the Town. Two women and a young man came up to them claiming that Anton had robbed them. After that he was detained by a police patrol. In the police car Anton asked about the reason for his detention. In response one of the officers hit him with the butt stock on the head. Anton lost his conscience and came to himself only at the police station. He was placed in a cell together with three other detainees. Then he was taken to the detective officer’s office and the police demanded that he should confess to the theft. One of the police officers hit Mr.Trebukhov on the head several times.
On the 26th of May 2008 Mr. Trebukhov was released. He immediately went to hospital where the doctors diagnosed a concussion and multiple contusions on the face. The young man spent 10 days in hospital 13. The minor’s parents reported the crime to the investigation department under the Dzerzhinsk Prosecutor’s office, but there is still no decision under their application.   
It is worth mentioning that three other young men were detained together with Anton, however Anton had not been acquainted with them before the detention. Thus, the accusation is based only on the victim’s testimony.
Besides, Anton Trebukhov is a nephew of Mr.vladimir Polyashov, a famous Dzerzhinsk painter who had been earlier battered by officers of the same police department. At present the Committee against Torture continues the check under Ms. Trebukhova’s application.

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