The ECHR awarded 45 thousand euro to a resident of Sochi. He told human rights defenders that when he was in the 11 th form, he was taken to the police department where he was beaten up, and that provoked a fit of epilepsy


14 October 2022


13 October, the European Court passed a ruling in the case of the CAT applicant Georgiy Sveshnikov. The court acknowledged a violation of Article 3 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms («No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment») in the material and procedural aspects and awarded a compensation for moral damage in the amount of 45 thousand euro.   

In 2017, pupil of school No.18 of Sochi Georgiy Sveshnikov applied to the Krasnodar branch of the CAT. He told human rights defenders that two criminal investigative officers collected him from school under the pretext of questioning in the capacity of a witness and transported him to the Khosty settlement police center. There, according to Sveshnikov, the police officers were beating his back, abdomen and the back of his head, demanding that he confessed of theft.   

«I did not sign anything at the Khostinskiy Police Center, and the same investigative officers took me to the Loo settlement police department. There, one of the police superior officers told me: «If you don’t confess, I will stick a truncheon in your ass!»  – Georgiy Sveshnikov recalls.

According to Sveshnikov, he was beaten up, again. At some point, Georgiy had a fit of epilepsy and he passed out. The medics who arrived at the call of the police officers, provided the first aid. According to Sveshnikov, after they left, he agreed to write a full confession as it would be dictated to him, that he was involved in a theft, keeping a lookout, and subsequently, he confirmed this testimony before the investigator.   Later on, the criminal case against Sveshnikov was dismissed due to settlement between the parties. 

Georgiy was released from the police under travel restrictions, and the next day he applied to the Sochi City Hospital No.4, where he was diagnosed with contusions of the face and soft tissues of the lumbar region.

Sveshnikov applied to the Investigative Committee with a crime report. During the pre-investigative check of the Sveshikov’s torture complaint, the investigators issued three dismissals of claims to open a criminal case, two of which were quashed as premature and illegal. However, the last dismissal was declared legal by the Prosecutor’s Office and then by the court of two instances. Due to impossibility to restore the violated rights of Sveshnikov at the national level, the CAT lawyers applied to the European Court of Human Rights in 2018.     

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