The ECHR awarded 60 thousand euro to the parents of Anton Saveykin who was shot by the drug enforcement officers in 2008. They killed him, having taking him for the suspect  


24 June 2022

Photo: Anton Saveikin’s car after the incident


The European Court acknowledged a violation of Article 2 of the Convention (the right to life) and pointed out the ineffective investigation of the death of resident of Bashkortostan Anton Saveykin. In the ECHR ruling it is emphasized that the criminal case was initiated with delay, and the investigation did not provide an assessment of the special operation planning by the drug enforcement officers’ who were supposed to decrease the risk to the minimum. In addition, the Court came to the conclusion that the drug enforcement officers were not familiar with the appearance of the person suspected of illegal drug trafficking and did not even see his photo. During interrogation they said no one gave it to them, although the operation was planned beforehand.   

In 2008, in the Oktyabrsky town, the Special Police Force with the Drug Enforcement Department of the RF for the Republic of Bashkortostan were performing an operation on apprehension of Mr Peretyagin, who was suspected of illegal drug trafficking. Having abandoned his car, he attempted to flee. At the same time, Anton Saveykin met his brother at the parking lot. Since it was dark, the police officers thought that the man got into Saveykin’s car and started to crush its windows. Anton did not understand who assaulted his car and tried to go away but the police officers opened fire with intent to kill. The ballistic expert examination showed that in total 15 bullets hit the car, two of which became lethal for Saveykin.   

Anton Saveikin

The criminal case based on the fact of Anton’s death was opened and dismissed several times. Having exhausted all the possibilities to restore the rights of the victims  – Saveykin’s parents, at the domestic level, the CAT lawyers submitted an application to the European Court. The ECHR communicated this application in 2015, and the ruling was passed on 21 June. This happened after the law was passed in the Russian Federation proclaiming that the ECHR rulings that came into force after 15 March 2022 are not to be executed, that is why it will not be executed by Russia.

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