The European Court adjudicates on the case of Nizhny Novgorod citizens Olga Maslova and Fyodor Nalbandov.


24 January 2008

Today the

European Court on Human Rights delivered its judgment on the case “Maslova and Nalbandov vs. Russian Federation” (application № 839/02).
      The court unanimously agreed that:
•     Article 3 of the Convention was violated in respect of Olga Maslova in the context of prohibition of torture – she was subject to violent treatment and multiple tortures by the police and prosecutor’s office staff;
•     Article 3 of the Convention was violated in respect of Fyodor Nalbandov in the context of inhuman and degrading treatment– he was abused by the prosecutor’s office staff;
•     Article 3 of the Convention was violated in respect of both applicants in the context of effective investigation;
In accordance with article 41 of the Convention (just compensation) the Court awarded  70 000 euro to Olga Maslova and  10 000 to Fyodor Nalbandov as compensation for non-material damages.

   Let us recall that Olga Maslova from Nizhny Novgorod accused officers of the Prosecutor’s Office of Nizhny Novgorod of severe torture and rape she had been subject to in November 1999 when she was questioned as a witness under a criminal case.

    The Multiregional Committee against Torture where Olga Maslova applied for help conducted an investigation of her application that justified her claim. During the past 9 years the Committee against Torture has rendered Olga Maslova legal assistance at the national level and represented her interests in the European Court.
Specialists of the “Public Verdict” Foundation (Moscow) also rendered legal help to the victim.
However, it should be mentioned that the case of Olag Maslova has not been tried in Russia yet. Criminal proceedings against former police officers and prosecutor’s office workers Milkov, Zhiryakov, Serov and Hmelyev whom Ms.Maslova accused of torturing and raping her were stopped.
European justice stood for protection of rights of the RF citizen. What position our country will stick to in Maslova’s case- time will show. 


The Multiregional Committee against Torture invites mass media to take part in the press-conference “Judgment of the European Court on Human Rights under the case of Maslova and Nalbandov. Judicial prospective of Olga Maslova’s case at the national level” on January 28, 2008. The press-conference starts at 13.00

Location: Nizhny Novgorod,  Studyonaya 5, 3rd floor, Information agency “Interfax

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