The European Court is expecting comments from the Russian Government under the case “Lisina v. Russia”


04 April 2007

 The NN Committee Against Torture has received a letter from the European Court of Human Rights under the case “Lisina v. Russia”. The Court informed that it had received the objections of Ms. Lisina’s representatives and claims for just satisfaction and transmitted them to the Russian Government. Besides, there were additional objections on the merits from the Government enclosed with the letter.

     The Court reminded that the time-limit for the Government to file its comments in relation to the applicant’s claims for just satisfaction would expire on 16 April 2007.

    It should be added that as none of the parties has claimed for the oral procedure, the written procedure is fixed.

    In addition, the letter contained a document made up by the representative of the Russian Federation in the European Court of Human Rights.

    The representative informed that under the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation the criminal case initiated on Ms. Lisina’s application had been reexamined recently and was currently being considered by Russian courts. The Russian Federation drew the attention of the Court to the fact that it could not provide the Court with many of the materials of the criminal case because they were being examined in order to assess the lawfulness of the decision to discontinue investigation. But the Russian Federation promised to advise the Court of any changes in the existing situation. 

    Nevertheless the NN Committee Against Torture is very concerned about the work of domestic investigative and judicial agencies under the case of Lisina and believes that this time the Russian Federation will once again fail to observe its obligations under the European Convention concerning the right to an effective remedy.

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