The European Court judgment under Olga Maslova’s case will be published in the official collection of ECtHR judgments


22 January 2010

Such compilations published since 1996 are the only official printed source of Strasbourg Court judgments. Unlike the on-line database containing all ECtHR judgments, the compilation only includes the most important and precedental cases. The judgment included into the compilation is published both in English and in French. The case of Olga Maslova is not an exception – the Registry has already translated the judgment in French.  

So much attention paid by the European Court to Olga Maslova’s case once again emphasizes its utmost importance for the case law. On the other hand, the circumstances of this case are a shameful example of human cruelty and arbitrariness of the Russian authorities.

You may remember that on 25 November 1999 in the Nizhegorodsky district Directorate of the Interior a police officer and three prosecutorial workers, being intoxicated, raped and battered Olga Maslova.

The Prosecutor’s Office and investigation authorities of Nizhny Novgorod region preferred not to conduct an effective investigation under the girl’s application. Criminal proceedings were instigated, suspended and terminated many times.   

Having failed to attain justice in Russia, Olga Maslova applied to the European Court of Human Rights with the help of the Interregional Committee against Torture. On 24 January 2008 the European Court adjudicated under Maslova’s case. The judges unanimously held that Olga had been subject to multiple rape and battery by officers of the police and Prosecutor’s office, and that the official investigation of that crime had been ineffective.

Nevertheless, even after the ECtHR judgment entered into force, the investigation did not progress on the domestic level. On 25 November 2009 the limitation period for bringing the perpetrators to criminal responsibility stipulated by Russian law expired.

The Committee against Torture had to file another application claiming violation of three ECHR articles to the European Court.

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