The European Court of Human Rights applied Rule 39 with regard to Zarema Musayeva


14 February 2022

The Court obliged the Russian Federation authorities to provide information on the state of Musayeva’s health every two weeks, confirming it with appropriate documents: report on medical assistance, the list of prescriptions, medicines and the performed inspections.

In addition, the ECHR requests to ensure the observance of Zarema Musayeva’s rights provided by the Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. In particular, the Committee Against Torture insists on observance of Zarema’s rights under Article 6 — the right to fair trial.

“To ensure the observance of Zarema Musayeva’s rights, the RF authorities need to transfer her case from the Chechen Republic, to begin with, since the local investigative authorities discredited themselves with a series of violations, — head of the International Remedy Department Olga Sadovskaya comments. – The cases of Musayeva are to be investigated at the federal level or in any other region, thus ensuring the independence of the investigation and judicial examination. One cannot but take this chance”.

This week, the Committee Against Torture submits the extended complaint to the ECHR on the case of Zarema Musayeva.

The full text of the letter of the European Court of Human Rights is available for public download on our website to all who is interested.

For more information on Zarema Musayeva from the moment of her enforced apprehension and till the court hearing on selecting a measure of restraint on 11 February 2022, read the read the timeline of events by the Committee Against Torture.

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