The federal court found the inaction of an officer from the Orenburg investigation department under a torture case unlawful


30 October 2008

Photo: one of the applicants, Orenburg citizen Mr. Maxim Nimatov.

     Today specialists of the Orenburg office of the Committee against Torture got to know that the Dzerzhinskiy district federal court of Orenburg found the inaction of investigator Danilov from the IA of the IC for Orenburg unlawful and obliged the investigation department heads to eliminate the faults.

You may remember that investigator Danilov was to conduct a check under the application of three young men – Mr. Sadovskiy, Mr. Nimatov and Mr. Ferapontov who accused officers of the Dzerzhinskiy district Department of Internal Affairs of tortures and humiliation.  

In his interview for the local TV, Mr. Danilov maintained that the check time had been prolonged, however, when that period expired, none of the applicants was notified of the investigator’s decision.

Therefore, lawyers of the Committee against Torture representing the young men’s interests had to complain about the investigator’s inaction in court.  

According to the young men, the check lasts more than 2 months already, but the investigators have not even questioned the victims yet.

In the context of the public investigation, specialists of the Committee against Torture applied to the Internal security administration of the Department of Internal Affairs for Orenburg region with a request to conduct an agency check.

The Internal security administration concluded that the investigators’ inaction was in breach of the official discipline.

The Interregional Committee against Torture intends not only to press for the initiation of criminal proceedings against the perpetrators, but also to bring to liability the investigator who refused to perform his official responsibilities.

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