The Finance Ministry will pay for the crime committed by a Nizhny Novgorod policeman one more time.


10 December 2009

The judgment awarding compensation of moral and material damage incurred to Azerbaijani Emil Dadashov by the crime committed by senior investigator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Nizhegorodsky District Directorate of the Interior Sergey Biryukov at night on 31.03. – 01.04.2008 has entered into force. According to the Kanavinsky District Court judgment, the RF Finance Ministry is to pay Mr. Dadashov 60 000 rubles as compensation of material damage (in this part the court has fully sustained Emil Dadashov’s claim) and 40 000 rubles as compensation of moral damage (here the court has partially sustained Mr. Dadashov’s claim). As we reported earlier, the Kanavinsky District Prosecutor’s Office of Nizhny Novgorod appealed against that judgment asking to render it unlawful and ill-founded, since it found the amount of moral damage compensation to be too small. The Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court held that the first instance judgment was lawful and motivated and dismissed the appeal. Thus, Emil Dadashov has finally got a chance to get the money to cover his expenses for the treatment. The RF Finance Ministry has received the request to transfer the money to Mr. Dadashov’s account.

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