The Interregional Committee against Torture has translated the case-law ECtHR judgment under the case of Denis Vasilyev against Russia


27 April 2010

Here you can find the judgment in English and Russian.

   The European Court of Human Rights has found five violations of Article 3 of the Convention prohibiting tortures and other forms of cruel treatment under the case “Denis Vasilyev vs. Russia”.

In 2001 the applicant living in Moscow was beaten up and robbed by unknown people. Mr. Vasilyev complained about inaction of the police who had left him unconscious in the street and about non-provision of adequate medical aid in hospital no.33 in Moscow.  The applicant also complained about the lack of an effective prosecutorial investigation of the fact of assault at him and non-provision of help by the police.   

On 17 December 2009 the European Court of Human Rights unanimously held that under that case the Russian Federation had violated a number of Article 3 and 13 guarantees and obliged it to pay the applicant 75 000 euro as compensation of material damage and 78 000 euro as compensation of moral damage.

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