The Investigative Committee dismissed a claim to open a criminal case regarding tortures that took place 14 years ago, the check of which the Supreme Court of the RF demanded to resume recently


19 August 2022

The reason for the new check was the ruling of the ECHR made in 2021. The European Court established that the man was subjected to physical violence by the police officers but no effective investigation was conducted with this regard. The ECHR ruling instigated the Supreme Court of Russia to resume the proceedings on the criminal case in 2022. The Supreme Court declared all the rulings of the Investigative Committee taken previously to be illegal and obliged to rectify the violations. The Military Investigative Section of the Investigative Committee for the Nizhny Novgorod garrison performed this check, since it is this body that investigates FSB officers, however, it resulted in dismissal.   

As we have previously reported, Aleksandr Milovanov from Sarov in the Nizhny Novgorod region was apprehended in 2008 by drug encorcment officers. The man told human rights defenders that the officers attempted to plant some packs in his pockets, and after he was taken to the Drug Enforcement Department, they beat him up and tortured with electricity — forced to sign confession of illegal drugs trafficking. Aleksandr said that he signed everything after they threatened to apply an electrical drill to his head.  

After the events of 2008 he spent 9 years behind bars, he was declared guilty under article on illegal drug trafficking, regardless the method with which the confession was obtained.   

Despite the fact that previously, during the check one of the drug enforcement officers even confessed of having applied tortures against Aleksandr, the investigator deemed this confession to be ungrounded and did not open a criminal case. This has been  the tenth dismissal of a claim to open a criminal case on a complaint from our applicant.   

We continue our work on Milovanov’s case.