The Investigative Committee dismissed the claim to open a criminal case based on Khumayd Khaydayev’s report about tortures in the Penal Colony No.15 of Angarsk


29 November 2021

The investigative authorities did not find any element of crime in the actions of Penal Pre-trial detention facility in Irkutsk. According to Khaydayev, he was made to run through the “live corridor” and hit with hands, feet and rubber truncheons.

The man said that the “activists”, as instructed by the Pre-trial detention facility officers Khaydayev by the hands and feet between the beds and subjected to burns using a metal spoon. According to investigator Aleksandr Kornev, these actions are not related to the administration instructions and should be regarded as “torment”. That is why the material with regard to the convicts is handed over to the police.

From the ruling it follows that during the negotiations one of “activists” Denis Golikov claimed that he did not know anything about the battery of Khaydayev. At the same time, in one of the interviews Golikov claimed that the Pre-trial detention facility administration knew what was going on and gave a green light to “anything but corpses”.

As we have previously reported, the protest action of the convicts at the Angarsk penal colony took place in April 2020 and was brutally suppressed by the Federal Penitentiary Service officers and the special ops unit. After that, hundreds of convicts were taken to other institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Irkutsk region. There, according to the men’s testimony, the arrived convicts were subjected to brutal treatment and tortures aimed at obtaining evidence on the riot’s instigators.

Khumaid Khaidayev was convoyed to the Irkutsk Pre-Trial detention center No.1, where he was made to run through the “corridor” of the penitentiary officers who were beating him. The people standing in the corridor were beating and hitting the newcomers with hands, feet and rubber truncheons. Subsequently, Khumaid was taken to the cell with “activists” by hanging him by his hands and feet between the beds and inflicted the burns to him with a red-hot metal spoon. According to the applicant, it was the Pre-trial detention officers who ordered tortures, and the activists were mere executors.

Later on, the doctors registered Khaydayev with fractures of the toes of the left foot and the fingers of the right hand, as well as numerous extravasations, bruises and contusions. At the present time, Khumayd is one of the main defendants in the case of the riot in the Angarsk penal colony.

In May, Khaydayev applied to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Irkutsk region with a crime report that was forwarded to the regional Department of the Investigative Committee and came to the investigators’ disposal on 15 June 2021. No checks were performed with regard to the application. It was considered by the investigator as a “motion”.

On 23 July, the Kirovsky District Court declared illegal the inaction of the investigative authorities who did not perform the check of Khumayd’s application. The ruling was appealed against by the Prosecutor’s Office and entered into force on 13 October. Thus, the check of the torture complaints which the Investigative Committtee received on 15 June, started only on 13 October. Based on the check, the claim to open a criminal case was dismissed.

“I’m convinced that the state clearly made it clear to us that no-one intends to perform any serious investigation based on the report of Khaydayev’s tortures, — lawyer with the Committee Against Torture Vladimir Smirnov commented on the situation. — Other persons affected in similar circumstances become victims. Khumayd Khaydayev is a persona non grata. In my opinion, it is related to the fact that he is one of the main defendants in the so called riot. The investigation is simply afraid that if the tortures are proven it would be more difficult to get him involved”.

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