The Investigative Committee in Mocsow will check the actions of the police officers during the search in the «League of Voters», in the course of which activist Vladimir Yegorov got a craniocerebral injury  


03 February 2023

(Vladimir Yegorov is included in the foreign agents’ register) 


The Investigative Department for the Basmanny District of Moscow started a pre-investigative check based on the crime report submitted by the CAT lawyers in the interests of Vladimir Yegorov. We ask the investigator to establish which police officer applied force against him during the search. In the hospital, the man was diagnosed with a brain concussion and numerous contusions.   

On 2 February, Vladimir Yegorov provided an explanation to the investigator, stating that on 5 October 2022 he was in the office of the «League of Voters», when the police officers came with the search. The man attempted to switch off the mobile phone, but at that moment two men in black masks attacked him and stroke him on the ground face down.  According to Yegorov, he lost consciousness after he hit the floor.  

After the search, the man was taken to the Department of Interior for the Basmanny District. An ambulance crew came to the police department, collected Yegorov and delivered him to the N.V. Sklifosovsky Scientific Research Institute of First Aid, where he was diagnosed with a closed craniocerebral injury, brain concussion and contusions. On the next day, the Basmanny District of Moscow arrested Vladimir Yegorov under the article of the Administrative Offences Code on failure to obey the lawful order of a police officer for five days.   

After he was released from the special detention room, Yegorov was under monitoring by the specialists at place of residence and was on sick leave for 26 days. In addition, in his explanation Yegorov said that in the moment of the search all video surveillance cameras were working, however, the police officers either turned them away or pasted them over. Also, the man points at the fact that the search report has all the data on the police officers who were performing it, and, accordingly, he insists on their interrogation.  

The comment of CAT lawyer: 

«The start of the pre-investigative check is good news. I hope that the Investigative Committee officers will be able to establish who exactly applied physical force against Yegorov. According to the search report, “Grom” special purpose squadron performed force assistance, and according to the report on administrative violation it turns out these were the officers of the Second special police regiment. Both units are part of the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior for Moscow».  

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