The Investigative Committee refused to interrogate the head of Dagestan with regard to the murder of brothers-shepherds


14 February 2019

Senior investigator on major cases under Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Lev Gura dismissed the motion of lawyer with the Committee Against Torture Abubakar Yangulbayev concerning interrogation of the Republic of Dagestan Vladimir Vasilyev with regard to the case of the murder of Gasangusenov brothers-shephers.

As we have already reported , this motion was caused by the interview of Vladimir Vasilyev in which he expressed his opinion concerning the murder of Gasangusenov brothers.

However, investigator Gura deemed that “at the present time there are no grounds in the case for questioning head of Dagestan Republic A.A.Vasiliev in the capacity of a witness, as his interview does not involve any data on his knowledge of the circumstances of the committed crime”.

“In his interview to “Novoye Delo” periodical, Vladimir Vasilyev claims that “I was dealing with this case”. After that he refers to several facts of the case which were not generally known before that. We think that the investigation should clarify how exactly Vasilyev was dealing with this case, reveal the sources of his information, instead of unsubstantiated statements that Vasilyev does not know anything. We strongly disagree with this ruling of the Investigative Committee and will be appealing against it”, – lawyer with the Committee Against Torture Abubakar Yangulbayev, representing the interests of the father of the perished brothers, comments.

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