The Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the RF for the Krasnodar Territory acknowledged the fact of red tape during the investigation of the torture case. According to the victim, he was beaten up in the forest for six hours, threatened to be shot and buried alive in a pit  


24 August 2022


Lawyers with the Crew Against Torture submitted an application to Head of the Investigative Department with the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Krasnodar Territory and informed him that they disagreed with the progress and the results of the investigation. In the response it was said that based on the results of the examination of the materials, a number of violations of the criminal procedure legislation were identified, including the facts of making ungrounded rulings on suspending the preliminary investigation.  

It is also known from the response that disciplinary measures were taken against Deputy Head of the Investigative Department for the Karasunsky District of Krasnodar, but it is not reported which ones, exactly. In addition, the forensics department was instructed to additionally examine the criminal case in order to establish all who are involved in the committal of the crime.     

In 2017, the armed men pulled Gambaryan out of the car, handcuffed him and took him to the forest. According to the victim, he was undressed, kicked with feet and beaten with electrical shocker, the abductors sat on his chest, threatened with murder – even threw him in the pit and started to backfilling it, brought a gun near his temple and pulled a trigger, later on – were shooting near his ear. According to him, tortures lasted for several hours, and the torturers demanded that he provided evidence in the case of attempted assassination of local entrepreneur. Then Gambaryan was delivered to the first section of the territorial investigative department where he was forced to sign a protocol of interrogation containing confession. Next day, the Seversky District Court of the Krasnodar Territory sentenced him to ten days of administrative arrest for coarse language in public. After he was released from the detention facility, an ambulance crew took him to the Krasnodar Territorial Hospital No.1, and his state was severe by that time. During admission, the doctors diagnosed him with acute kidney failure, brain concussion, numerous contusions, bruises. Aram was taken to intensive care for hemodialysis, and later on he was transported by a reanimobile to one of the Moscow clinics.   

The criminal case on tortures and abduction of Gambaryan was initiated only in April 2018. Since that time no defendants appeared there. During this time, the officers of the investigative department for the Karasunsky District of Krasnodar dismissed the investigation twice and suspended it 16 times.     

Comment of lawyer with CAT

«At the moment they directly acknowledge the violations, but the next expiry of the period assigned for preliminary investigation will show whether the measures they took were really effective or not. If they decide to suspend the preliminary investigation once again, it will be just a statement of the violation. The same head of the investigative department received similar instructions before. It was a year ago. In our opinion, there are grounds for involving one of the officers in the case, I don’t know why the forensics department does not see it»

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