The judicial examination under the case of tortures in the Lyskovo penal colony is coming to an end


14 April 2008

  On April 30 the Lyskovo city court (Nizhny Novgorod region) will complete the judicial examination under the case of detainee Sergey Karpov who was tortured and battered. This was reported by Mr. Yuriy Sidorov, lawyer of the Committee against Torture, who represents the victim’s interests in court.

    You may remember that Mr. Martynov working in IK-16 (penal colony) was indicted under article 110 of the RF Criminal Code (incitement to suicide) and p. “a”, cl. 3 of art. 286 of the RF Criminal Code (excess of official powers with violent treatment).

    The Prosecutor’s office found out that Mr. Martynov had savagely battered detainee Karpov who could not stand the humiliation and had tried to commit suicide by jumping off the barracks roof.

   At present the Committee against Torture where Mr. Karpov applied for help renders him legal assistance and provides a lawyer for him.

The court hearing will supposedly start on April 30.

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