The judicial investigation under the case of Aleksandr Anoshin is finished


05 June 2007

Today the Sovetsky District Court finished the judicial investigation under the case of Anoshin, which was also publicly investigated by experts of the NN Committee Against Torture. The defence lawyer requested the court to announce a break in order to prepare to the hearing of arguments. The next sitting of the court in which the hearing of arguments will be hold is set for 27 June 2007. A number of motions of the defence, made during the trail, including the motion to remand the case to the prosecutor’s office, was overruled by judge Aleksandr Zhelezov. It means that the judicial investigation into the case of the alleged murder of Aleksander Anoshin by the staff of the detoxification center of Sovetsky District is finally completed.

    As you may know, lawyers of the NN Committee Against Torture are now granting legal aid to Aleksandr Anoshin’s relatives in the course of the legal proceedings.

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