The Kstovo court found out that the delay was caused by non-performance of the city Prosecutor’s Office


28 February 2008

The Kstovo district court admitted that it had many times postponed the hearing on the suit of the Committee against Torture against the Kstovo Prosecutor’s Office.

Yesterday lawyers of the Committee against Torture got to know that, while trying the claim of the Committee against Torture, the Kstovo district court (Nozhny Novgorod region) had issued a regulation stating that the Kstovo Prosecutor’s Office had avoided complying with the court request for two months and “it had led to postponing the hearings and unjustified delays in the trial of the application that should have been tried within 5 days”.

The court notified Mr. V.V. Byshev, Kstovo city prosecutor, thereof and obliged him to inform the court of the measures taken to remedy the situation.

You may remember that lawyers of the Committee against Torture submitted a claim against just another decision of the Kstovo Prosecutor’s Office not to originate a criminal case under the application of Mr. Vladimir Shishkin, who had bee battered by police officer from the Criminal Police under the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (for Nizhny Novgorod region) on March 3, 2006. The court satisfied the claim of the Committee and found the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office not to open a criminal case unlawful.  

11 (!) decisions of the Prosecutor’s Office not to start a criminal case under Mr.Shishkin’s application were also cancelled because of lack of efficient check.

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