The legal proceedings against the OMON officers, charged with the ill-treatment during the mopping-up operation in the Druzhba youth camp, resumed in Sochi


08 August 2007

The Lazarevsky District Court of Sochi (Krasnodar region) set the preliminary hearing for 10 a.m.21 August 2007.

    You may remember that the court had earlier remanded the case file against the OMON (special police force) personnel to the prosecutor’s office for remedying the defects in the bill of indictment. And now the proceedings were resumed.

    As you may know, human rights defenders from the INGO Committee Against Torture, Interregional Organization Mothers for the Protection of Rights of Suspects, Prisoners and Convicts (Krasnodar), Yoshkar-Ola City Human Rights NGO “Man and Law” and the Public Verdict Foundation (Moscow) had created a combined mobile group which had carried out a public investigation into the incident in the camp.  

    8 police officers will appear on the dock, seven of whom are now kept in police custody.

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